Our firm has the resources, experience, and depth of knowledge to offer the following services to both individuals and businesses. We can deliver the services you need in a professional, fast, and cost-efficient manner.

Accounting Services
Our Firm offers a complete range of accounting services, including receivables, payables, and payroll management. We prepare financial statements in accordance with Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP) for use by banks, investors, and other third parties. Our firm will also prepare custom financial reports for internal, managerial use.

Compilation, Review, and Audit Services
Our firm provides professional compilation, review, and audit services to businesses of all sizes. We can quickly compile your financial records into meaningful GAAP-compliant financial statements, offer limited-scope review testing, and can deliver complete audit attestation.

Our firm provides full-charge bookkeeping services, including general journal and subsidiary ledger maintenance, bank statement reconciliation, and receivables and payables tracking and analysis.

Forensic Accounting
Our firm offers tailor-made forensic accounting services as well as expert testimony. We are often consulted during matrimonial disputes and partnership dissolutions to provide business valuation services and uncover malfeasance and financial irregularities.

Financial Statements
Our firm prepares professional, GAAP-compliant financial statements as well as tailor-made financial analyses that can help business owners and managers eliminate inefficiency and realize a businesss full profit potential.

Financial Forecast and Projections
Our firm provides complete financial and business forecasting services, including proforma projections. We will also customize - What If - planning scenarios to help management foresee and plan for unexpected business contingencies.

Cash Flow & Budgeting Analysis
Our firm offers expert cash flow and budgeting analyses that can help you minimize cost overruns, lost purchase discounts, and uncollectable receivables. Many of our clients state that these value-added services are indispensable.

Tax Services
Our firm offers a full range of tax planning and compliance services. We will work with you year-round if necessary in order to minimize your total tax burden. Our firm also prepares all federal, state and local tax returns for individuals and businesses.

Tax Planning
Our firm continuously monitors federal, state, and local tax law changes to allow its clients to minimize current and future tax liabilities. If necessary, we can implement tailor-made due-date tax compliance monitoring systems to prevent costly interest and penalty assessments attributable to late filing. Of course, we offer full tax preparation and filing services.

Tax Preparation
Our firm offers professional preparation of all federal, state, and local tax returns at competitive, affordable rates.

IRS and State/Local Representation
Our firm knows the tax laws, and we know how your tax return was prepared. We can provide complete representation services before the IRS as well as state and local taxing authorities. We are also experienced in negotiating Offers in Compromise with the IRS.

Payroll Services
Our firm offers complete payroll preparation and payroll tax reporting services. We prepare all federal and state returns and offer full magnetic media and electronic filing capabilities.

Sales Tax Services
Our firm prepares all sales tax filings and offers full sales tax audit representation.

Estate, Gift and Trust Tax Return Preparation
Our firm provides expert preparation of federal and state estate, gift, and trust tax returns.

Consulting Services
We are available to consult on a variety of financially related projects. If you need professional scrutiny in preparing operating budgets and analyzing current financial information, we can help. We are able to assess, design and implement accounting controls and systems. We provide professional litigation support to the legal profession. We are also particularly qualified to provide financial support in due diligence procedures for proposed mergers and acquisitions.

Accounting Software Selection & Implementation
We have knowledge of a variety of accounting software packages and can help you choose the one that is right for your business.

Business Succession Planning
Stop wondering if and how your business will continue without you there. As experts in business succession planning, our firm can suggest many courses of action to provide assurance that your business will enjoy a smooth continuance and that your heirs and business associates will be well protected.

Business Valuations
Our firm provides cost-effective business valuation services, quickly and efficiently.

Buying & Selling a Business
Our firm advises prospective business purchasers about local market conditions, industry trends, and the financial condition of an acquisition candidate. If you are selling a business, we can offer advice for obtaining the best possible sales price and contract payout terms.

Computer Consulting
You are ready to move into the computer age, but you have fears of expensive, unsuitable software, fourteen year-olds hacking into your server, and systems crashing. We understand your fears and we will work with you to setup an efficient, user-friendly computer system. Our business-savvy computer technicians and programmers can explain even the most advanced high-tech concepts in plain English. Whether you want to set up a computerized accounting system, a computer network, or even an online web store, our firm can help.

Fraud Prevention & Detection
Nobody likes to think about being robbed by an employee, but it can happen. Our firm has the knowledge to protect your assets from employee theft and can implement and systems to detect and deter fraudulent activity.

Estate Planning
Our firm offers estate planning services so you can minimize both federal and state estate tax liabilities. We will endeavor to protect your heirs from the unneeded emotional devastation that can be caused by estate tax levies.

Financial Planning
As part of our special commitment to providing you with needed information, our comprehensive personal financial planning service is designed to help you define and reach your financial goals, while reducing the impact of inflation and taxes on your assets and cash flow. These services are intended to produce tangible economic benefits through: increased investment earnings, an improved mix and utilization of assets, tax savings and deferral, lessened risk exposure, and enhanced money management techniques. Our complete services for comprehensive personal financial planning include the following.

We review and analyze financial information furnished to us in order to evaluate your current financial circumstances. Our analysis includes current investments, retirement planning, insurance coverage, estate dispositions, fringe benefits, and money management.

Based on our review, we prepare, in writing, an analysis of your current financial situation along with specific preliminary recommendations that address any existing or potential financial problems noted during the review. Procedural techniques and general investment strategies are recommended in accordance with your individual circumstances. Where appropriate, we include financial illustrations and projections for greater understanding of the potential outcome of financial alternatives. We meet with you to present a preliminary draft copy and discuss our analysis, so that you will have the opportunity to concur

Retirement Planning
It is never too early to start planning for retirement. If you want to live the same lifestyle--or an even better one--than you do now, you need to start planning for retirement...NOW. We can analyze your projected income and expenses and suggest investment funding techniques to help you make sure that your golden years 10, 20, and even 50 years from now live up to your expectations.

Management Advisory Services
Our firm offers complete management advisory services, including systems implementation and management, cost controls, employee benefit plan restructuring, and much more.

Investment Review
Our firm will perform a custom portfolio analysis and review the risks and returns of specific investments including stocks, bonds, REITs, and limited partnerships. We will also determine an optimal asset allocation for you by taking your unique personal and financial goals and resources into account.

Debt & Financial Services
We offer complete debt and financial counseling services, including installment debt consolidation, refinancing, and repackaging.

Mergers & Acquisitions
Our firm are experienced Mergers and Acquisitions counselors that can help you perform all requisite financial analysis and due diligence. We will help guide you through alternative financing, financial disclosure, non-compete agreements and a myriad of other M & A considerations.

Expert Witness Services
Our firm offers expert witness testimony in the areas of business valuation, accounting malpractice and other matters requiring forensic accounting expertise.

Litigation Support
We can provide a full range of assistance for you and your legal counsel.

Chief Financial Officer Services
An important aspect of our services is providing part-time or interim chief financial officer services to small, but growing, businesses that do not need someone full-time or cannot afford someone full-time.

We provide this service by bringing a level of financial expertise previously not a part of the management team and thereby allowing other senior management to focus on what they may do best. Often, accounting and financial personnel are already on staff, but need serious experienced management.

Typical accomplishments vary by company size. They include assessing, designing, implementing, and managing the necessary internal controls and procedures that result in accurate financial information. Closely aligned to the control implementation is the installation of the appropriate level of accounting systems that result in your financial personnel accurately recording transactions on a timely basis. Providing management oversight to the internal and external financial reporting and interaction with other professional advisors to the company - auditors and attorneys, as well as, investors and lenders, and outside analysts brings a new level of confidence that the financial aspects of the business are under control. We typically are also involved in strategic financial management through budget, projections and business plan preparation. We help manage the capital formation and raising which allows other management to focus on operations, thus broadening the skills